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Integrative neuroscience, somatic psychotherapy, the foundation of attachment & nervous system regulation to stimulate and enable every individual’s innate wisdom and reliable capacity for healing & well-being.

Our Quality Services

We offer a variety of research-based modalities to
promote overall well being including:

Finding the right person for support matters.

You may be lost or searching. You may find yourself burdened by the weight of the world, gripped by fear or simply overwhelmed with parts of your life. The dark cloud of a past experience, unresolved grief or trauma may be overshadowing the beauty of life. Or you might be looking for support in recreating your life or relationships.

We know from the research that the goodness of fit between you and your therapist is vital. I know this from my own experience both as a therapist and a client. I have visited my own dark places and have found my way back home, to myself, with the support of therapists, mentors, guides and teachers. I would like to offer this support to you.

You bring the expertise on your life, inner world and dreams, I bring education, training and experience both personal and professional to the collaboration. Together with you, my intention is to assist you in accessing your well-being, building skills and resources to resolve the concerns you are presently dealing with, and to expand your awareness.​

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