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Our Approach

Here at Foothills Integrative we offer innovative and effective psychotherapeutic interventions tailored
to fit the individual needs of our clients and their concerns.

Establishing and nurturing foundational relationship is at the core of the work we do, regardless of the specific therapeutic modality employed. Our earliest wounds, in addition to the injuries we may experience as adults, occur in relationship and it is clear we heal ourselves in relationship as well.

Our clinic vision, and the work we do, draw from our deep commitment to the importance of relationship. It is informed by the fields of neuroscience, neurobiology and attachment theory. Relatively recent scientific knowledge and theory have brought new light to the understanding that body and mind are inseparable and in constant relationship to one another.

The science of attachment theory – (how each of us has a template for relating to others throughout our lives), as well as how our autonomic nervous system functions, (as understood through polyvagal theory – which can be very helpful in understanding and learning how to change our state and adjust our behaviour), are two important aspects that underlie and inform our basic experience of being in the world. In addition, working with the emerging knowledge of the neuroscience and neurobiology of trauma and currently shifting clinical paradigms, now provides us with the opportunity to use a variety of tools in increasingly effective ways.

We are now able to address the residues of traumatic experience that many people carry, returning them to flourishing lives and out of the survival and coping strategies of the past.

Advances in neuroscience have given us fresh perspectives and technologies on how to work with brain and body to access the mind. At Foothills Integrative we are able to offer neuromodulation and neurofeedback as innovative therapeutic interventions, when indicated, and in open collaboration with our clients.

Our clinic is committed to a whole person approach to mental health that includes physical and emotional wellbeing. We encourage our clients to be active participants in therapy and believe in their capacity to engage and learn about themselves, to change and grow, and to know what uniquely works for them.

Our Quality Services

We offer a variety of research-based modalities to
promote overall well being including:

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“We make a space inside ourselves so that being can speak”
Martin Heidegger

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